Jio Pos App Business Idea – Are you Jio user, then you can do this work sitting at home! And you can earn thousands of rupees a month!

Jio Pos App Business Idea – There are many such big companies in the country, by joining which you can earn in thousands sitting at home. But the problem is, we do not know how to earn money by joining these companies. So in view of this, today we are going to tell you, how you can start a business with Jio by investing only 1000 rupees. So let’s find out!s

Start a business with Jio Pos Lite / Jio Pos Plus –

The way you can start a business through Jio is Jio Pos Lite and Jio Pos Plus app. You can start your business with Jio with the help of these two apps. So let’s see, what kind of business can you start with the help of these apps.

You can join with Jio, this type of business –

With these apps of Jio, you can start the business of Recharge and Sim Activation. Jio Pos Lite You can recharge with this app, and with Jio Pos Plus you can do the work of New Sim Activation, Sim Porting.

You can earn so much, by joining Jio –

If you join Jio, and recharge anyone with Jio Pos Lite app, then you are given 4% commission in return. If you recharge a customer of Rs.200, then you will get a commission of Rs.8. And if we talk about New Sim Activation, then if you activate or port 1 SIM, then you get commission up to Rs 150.

Friends, this business may sound small to you, but it is not right. This business seems small in the beginning, but as soon as people come to know about you and your service, your business starts growing and earning in thousands.

of JioPOS Lite like this –

You can become a partner of JioPOS Lite by yourself, you can watch the video given below for how you can become a partner of JioPOS Lite by yourself.

of JioPOS Plus like this –

If you talk about JioPOS Plus, then to become its partner, you have to go to your nearest Jio Office. And the official there will have to say that we have to do the work of Jio Sim Activation. So if you will be eligible to become a partner of Jio, then within 2-3 days you will generate your SIM activation ID through Jio Office. So in this way you can start your own business by becoming a partner of Jio.

to find out your nearest Jio Office –

If you do not know your nearest Jio Office, then you can enter the Pin Code of your area on this Jio Office address Can put

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