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How to reduce obesity? to reduce belly fat?

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Loss is becoming a problem nowadays. To reduce obesity, it is most important to pay attention to your lifestyle. There are many ways to reduce obesity, such as regular exercise, eating food on time, and a diet should be taken in a balanced quantity.

There should be plenty of protein and vitamins in the diet. It is not necessary that you do dieting to lose weight. For this, you can also adopt some healthy tips, with the help of which you will be able to reduce your weight easily.

Stomach comes out due to wrong way of eating, using wrong way in living also, etc. And the waist fat becomes more. Gradually obesity spreads to the neck, arms, and legs.

That is, fat becomes more in these places. The body becomes completely full of fat. And along with problems in walking, the risk of getting many serious diseases also increases. reduce obesity is not an easy task. If you have decided that you want to lose weight, then first of all you have to pay attention to your lifestyle.

The most important thing to lose weight is a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and yoga. In this article, we will tell home remedies to reduce obesity, which is economical as well as effective.



Seeds are very useful for reducing weight. According to research, eating cumin powder reduces or eliminates the elements that makeup fat in the body. With this, you can lose weight in a natural way.

Now all you have to do is to keep a spoonful of cumin soaked in 1 glass of water overnight and drink that boiled water in the morning, if possible, chew cumin seeds and eat them. By eating this daily, the extra burst of your body will start coming out slowly and you will become fit and healthy again, just keep in mind that after doing this, you should not eat or drink anything for at least 1 hour.

There is another way to do this. You can roast a little asafoetida and add salt and cumin seeds to it and make a powder, and you can eat 1-2 grams of that powder by mixing it with curd, from which the weight loss will start gradually. Consumption of cumin also improves your blood circulation and also lowers cholesterol in the body.


Water should never be drunk in one gulp. Always drink water as you drink hot tea or hot milk. Because saliva is made in our mouth all the time and acid is formed in the stomach and when the saliva of the mouth goes into the stomach then neutralizes the acid so that the acid does not build up.

Now if we drink water sip by sip, then a large amount of saliva will go into the stomach, due to which the acid will be less and the digestion process will be good. Good digestion helps in reducing weight. Apart from this, drink 3 to 4 liters daily.

Healthy eating

Of seasonal, green vegetables. Do it in large quantities. Seasonal vegetables like fenugreek, and spinach, all these vegetables contain calcium in high quantities. Take sprouted grains for breakfast in the morning, they are low in fat. Avoid fast food, junk food, kachori, samosa, pizza, burgers, and stay healthy. 

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How to have breakfast?

After 1 hour breakfast in which you can take Poha, Stuffed Roti, Upma, Homemade Dosa, Two Idlis, Sprouts, Wheat Flakes, Egg, Oats, Dalia, etc. Along with this a small mug of skimmed milk (night milk from which The layer of cream has been removed) or take juice or fruit. Keep in mind that avoid banana, mango, chikoo and grapes. It is best to eat an apple in the morning.

Peeled lentils

To lose weight. It is low in protein content. By consuming it daily, the amount of cholesterol in the body is also reduced, due to which the weight is reduced.

Green Tea – Green

Tea also reduces fat very quickly. The kitchens present in it help in reducing your fat. Let us tell you that green tea also contains caffeine which helps in increasing your heartbeat.

Exercise – Exercise

And yoga is also necessary to do exercise weight loss so that the food is digested well and the fat stored in the body can be burnt. The body remains active with exercise and yoga. Cycling, running, long walking, and swimming are some of the exercises that activate all the muscles of the body.


Bitter gourd juice will be bitter but it is helpful in pet ki charbi ghatane. Drink half a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach and see how you become slim soon.

Stay away from eating

Oily food, if your weight is too much then oily food is not right for you at all. You guys stop eating oily food from today itself. Because eating oily food increases the amount of fat in our body, due to which our body swells and we start looking fat.


Often people do not eat a banana in their diet to lose weight because they think that banana is for weight gain. But bananas contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and biotin which are very important nutrients for the body.

Honey – Honey

By mixing 2 spoons of honey in lukewarm water every morning, starts getting motapa kam in few days. Do not stop consuming milk and pure ghee to become lean. This can cause weakness in the body.

What to take for dinner?

Try to have dinner before 9 pm it is too late, then take something heavy like brown bread, flax or oats, etc. in the evening for breakfast and between dinner. And take only fruits at the night. If you are eating early, then take a glass of water, salad, chapati, lentils, and vegetables before the meal. If hunger is less, then choose one of the options given in the breakfast.

Drink hot water – Garm Paani Piye

Charbi Ghatane Ke Liye It is necessary to consume water. There is no human life without water. Therefore, if you want to reduce obesity quickly, then consume lukewarm water or lukewarm water. Those who are troubled by excess obesity, should consume lukewarm water after half an hour of having a meal.

By drinking lukewarm water, the bad and toxic elements present in the body come out. Not only this, apart from dirt, lukewarm water also cures kidney diseases. The problem of pet ki gas and constipation is also cured by drinking hot water.

Coffee – Coffee

It is well known that coffee contains cafein, which gives you energy and you are always active. Caffeine is very helpful in eliminating fat. Have a cup of coffee in the morning and evening charbi jaldi kam will be done.

Bahar Ka Khana – Bahar Ka Khana

Some people have a habit of eating outside regularly. But, it is not a good habit when you are thinking of reducing Vagina. Since you are used to eating out, it is really very difficult to stop it. Instead of eating out for 5 days, you can control by going on food for 2 days. This will reduce one pound of weight from your body.

Curd – Curd: By consuming

Curd or whey in summer, body fat decreases. Consume Matha 2 to 3 times a day. By adding 2 spoons of honey in hot water in the morning on an empty stomach, taking it for 2 months, it reduces waist fat. Apart from this, the fat of the waist can also be reduced by massaging oil.

Do your own work – Apna Kaam Khud Kare

Motapa If you want to end it as soon as possible, then make one more habit. Do small and big household chores by yourself. If you have to bring vegetables from the market or if there is a seed of the office. Do all these things through your body only. Reduce the use of bikes or lifts.

Do not eat oil, ghee – Tel, Ghee Nahi Khaye

If you want to get chutkara from the extra fat of stomach as soon as possible, then keep away the fried food like ghee, butter, oil made in your food. If you do not agree, then you can take a little in the week only for the test.

Onion, Garlic and Green Chillies – Pyaj, Lehsun, Harimirch

You must have seen that the stomach of the laborers and the people working in the fields and the people living in the village is never enlarged. The secret of this is onion, garlic and green chillies. You should also consume these three elements raw every day, either in the form of chutney or in some other way and be free from fat.

Eat more of this diet – Ye Jyada Khaye

Fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. In particular, your diet should be high in carbohydrates, fiber, as well as the minerals and vitamins you can get from fruits and vegetables. The more fiber you eat, the less hungry you will feel. Fiber also clears cholesterol from the intestines.

Curd and buttermilk: Many people eat only curd or drink thick buttermilk in the afternoon after having a full meal. It is very beneficial and you will not feel hungry quickly and will also get proteins and calcium. In the morning, drink one or two glasses of smoothie made from fruits or vegetables so that you do not feel hungry for a long time.

When you try to lose weight, it is important that you close or reduce the interval between exercises. This will burn more calories for you, giving you faster results. You need to make a small change in your lifestyle.

For example, use a ladder to climb and descend. Do cycling, jogging, jogging, and exercise. By doing this, the fat of your waist will be reduced, as well as you will get freedom from obesity. That’s why you can do pet ki charbi kam by adopting these Gharelu Upay.

Above we have told you about some ways to make the stomach flat, so from today onwards, reduce your fat belly by adopting the remedies which are simple for you, because with flat stomach and Slim Sharir attracts everyone. Whether you are a boy or a girl. And by reducing your weight, you can keep yourself fit.

So when you people know that by adopting which methods we can control our obesity, then now you guys do not delay at all and by adopting these methods suggested by us, say your obesity forever bye bye and one Include fit body in your life. So friends, if you like this post, then you must share it with your friends.

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