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How to Loose Weight? Fat people must read!

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How to lose weight? How to loose weight in Hindi. In the event that somebody feels that corpulence is certifiably not a major issue, then they think totally off-base. Obesity is the cause of more than half of the diseases in the body.

Due to obesity, you cannot participate in sports, you enjoy spending time with your friends, you are not able to make anyone your good friend, you get tired quickly and there are many other things that can lead to obesity. Because you can’t. Due to obesity, many diseases start growing in your body.

Therefore, if you are excessively obese in your friends or in your family, then take care immediately, otherwise once obesity has done its work, you will get tired of doing treatment however the infections brought about by stoutness won’t end.

Often we see, to reduce obesity, people diet or exercise. But they get frustrated in a few days or a few weeks, they do not see any change in their weight, they think that if there is no difference in so many days or so many weeks then what will happen next?

But friends, think for yourself, how long does it take for you to gain weight in 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks? No, it takes months and years to gain weight, but how to lose weight in a few days or in a few weeks. You have to give some time and in the end the victory will be yours.

What to keep in mind while losing weight?

You have to give your full attention to your body.

If you expect instant results then there may be disappointment in the beginning, give some time.

It is important to keep your preparation 100% ready.

Do not start without consulting a professional.

What should I do to loose weight?

First of all reduce the calorie intake of your whole day.

Start eating simple and clean food like salad.

If you smoke then quit it now and join gym.

Increase the movement of your body so that your fat starts burning.

Replace your daily food with low carbohydrate and low calorie food.

Instead of using a car or any vehicle, walk on foot.

Put this time table in your daily schedule and reduce obesity, get

up at 5 AM and drink somewhere around 2-3 glasses of water.

The water should not be cold.

After that go out for jogging or walk. Go to where there is plant life.

Do yoga by sitting in a quiet place.

After doing yoga for some time, exercise the whole body. Do jumping, push-ups, extending, arrangements so that work comes out.

If you like any sport like football , cricket, volleyball, badminton then it will be good if you can play it.

After that, when you come home walking fast, mix lemon and honey in hot water. Due to this, fat is reduced very quickly.

After that take a good bath.

Eat breakfast full in the morning, eat less in lunch than breakfast and eat less food at night.

It is important to have some body development in the early evening, so essentially get up from the seat and stretch the body.

The sooner you eat dinner, the better, it should not be late at all, if dinner is cooked late in your house, then this habit will have to be changed, because eaten after sunset (sun set) Food is not digested properly.

Do not sleep or lie down for at least 2 hours after dinner. Take a light walk after eating.

It is very important to get good and complete sleep of 7-8 hours at night.

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