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How To Get The Beer Cafe Franchise (Cost And Profit)

For beer drinkers, The Beer Cafe is the perfect location. We will discuss the cost, profit, and steps involved in opening a franchise for a beer cafe.

The FOFO and FOCO franchise models are used by The Beer Cafe. You can apply for the Beer Cafe Franchise directly by filling out the form or by messaging +91-7011200336 on WhatsApp.

The menu features a growing collection of craft beers, the best wines and hard liquors, and a constantly-evolving menu of brew-tails and cocktails.

The price of a The Beer Cafe franchise

The initial investment for the Beer Bar Cafe Franchise ranged from 1,00,000 to 1,500,000 Rupees. 25,00,000 Rupees plus GST is the franchise fee. The royalty fee is 7.5% plus GST on sales. 1200-1500 square feet at a minimum are needed.

Particulars Rupees (Dine-In Model)
Franchise Fee 25,00,000 Rupees
GST on Franchise Fee 4,50,000 Rupees
Interior, Furniture and Branding 70,00,000 Rupees
Setup Cost, Civil Work and Kitchen Equipments 30,00,000 Rupees
Other Expenditure
(Licenses, Marketing, Opening Ceremony, etc)
10,50,000 Rupees
Total Investment (Approx) 1,40,00,000 Rupees

The contract will last for nine years.

Franchisees would be in charge of total business management and receive complete brand support and direction.

The brand will offer whole assistance, including project direction, employee hiring, and training, operations, marketing, etc. 

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Profit from The Beer Cafe Franchise

With the aid of an example, we will examine the Beer Cafe Franchise Profit Margin. All costs will be subtracted from the gross sales. We’re estimating sales of 20,000 rupees per day, or 6,00,000 rupees.

We might infer that the Beer Cafe Franchise’s profit margin is 8% for sales of 6,00,000 Rupees. Even while the business may initially lose money, it will eventually become very well-known and in high demand.

Following effective local marketing and branding, sales will rise to 8–10 lakh rupees per month, with a 20% profit margin on those sales. Along with food quality and service, location is a highly important aspect in the success rate of a franchise. 

Particulars Amount
Gross Sales 6,00,000 Rupees
Food Cost @35% (2,10,000) Rupees
Rent and Camera (120,000) Rupees
Electricity, Gas and Water Supply (30,000) Rupees
Salary of Workers and their Expenses (100,000) Rupees
Royalty @7.5%+ GST (50,000) Rupees
Other expenses (42,000) Rupees
Net Profit 48,000 Rupees

The area ought to get a lot of foot traffic. It need to be near the neighborhood’s primary marketplace. The best possibility is a corner outlet. You can set your shop close to campuses, businesses, or any other location where young people like eating fast food.

How Can I Get A Franchise For A Beer Cafe?

You must complete the Google form below in order to apply for the Beer Cafe Franchise. Once you do, a franchise expert will be assigned to you to help you.


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