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How to Get Chicago Pizza Franchise

180+ locations of the Chicago Pizza franchise exist in India. We will talk about the cost, profit, review, and how to open a Chicago Pizza franchise. 

The best giant slice pizzas in the industry are the USP of the Chicago Pizza franchise. The chain’s menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The franchise also sells Galic Bread, Pasta, Chicken Wings, Mocktails, and Soft Drinks in addition to Pizza. 

Chicago Pizza Franchise Cost

Initial investment for a Chicago Pizza franchise was 22,00,000 rupees. For a takeaway model, only 100 square feet of space is needed as a minimum. A minimum of 500 square feet is needed for a dine-in model.


The Takeaway Model will cost between 20 and 21 lakh rupees, with furniture being the lone exclusion. There is a 5,00,000 Rupee franchise fee. A 6% royalty will be applied on sales. 


Chicago Pizza Civil Work Cost

The civil work includes the installation of ceilings, floors, paint, furniture, fixtures, woodwork, plumbing, electrical equipment and fixtures, lighting, glasswork, and signs (interior and exterior).

Chicago Pizza Equipment Cost

The following items are included in the equipment: a water dispenser, deep freezer, makeline, kitchen utensils, small goods, computer, UPS, air conditioner, POS, CCTV (4 camera set), software, telephone + internet, EDC, staff uniforms, and licenses.

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Support from Franchisor (Franchise Fee Cost)

Mid-management and chefs were hired from well-known international businesses. Patented recipes, a distinctive taste, and Chicago Pizza’s reputation have given rise to a sizable do it at home pizza market. The franchisor will supply the raw materials. Implemented third-party logistics and supply chain, as well as a supplier base. 

Openings for Chicago Pizza’s Beer n Wine Lounges have been announced for GKII, Laxmi Nagar, Hudson Lane, Vikas Puri, Vikas Marg, Nagpur, and Ludhiana.

Chicago Pizza Franchise Profit

With the aid of an illustration, we will examine the profit margin of the Chicago Pizza franchise. All costs will be subtracted from the gross sales. Assuming 4,50,000 Rupees in sales, or 14,000 Rupees every day. 

Following successful local branding and marketing, monthly sales will reach 6 lakh rupees, with a 25% profit margin. 

Along with food quality and service, location is a highly important aspect in the success rate of a franchise.

The area ought to get a lot of foot traffic. It need to be near the neighborhood’s primary marketplace. It is best to choose a corner store. 

You can set your shop close to colleges, businesses, or any other location where young people like eating pizza.

Chicago Pizza Franchise Review

In the fiercely competitive pizza market, where Dominos and Pizza Hut have a one-sided monopoly, the franchise is able to build a strong brand.

The Chicago Pizza Franchise places a strong emphasis on affordability in addition to product quality and quantity.

Why is Chicago Pizza the best affordable Pizza Franchise?

Big slices are a terrific concept since they give customers something special to post on social media and allow them to enjoy a sizable pizza at reasonable costs. 

Flexibility: Create your own slice and choose the quantity of slices you want by selecting any combination of toppings. 

Economical: Much less expensive per square inch than any rival. 

Due to flavor uniformity, the use of premium raw materials, and US recipes that have been gradually adapted to Indian palates, HT City won the Best Pizza Award. 

Even very successful businesses only charge a 4 lakh rupee franchise fee and a maximum of a 4-5% royalty, thus the 5 lakh rupee franchise fee and 6% royalty fee are a little excessive.

However, the franchise provides some extra services, such as 50% of the cost covered by the franchisor.

Only franchises with higher franchise fees, such as those operated by Domino’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonald’s, pay greater royalties. 

My personal recommendation is the Chicago Pizza Franchise if you’re looking for a cheap pizza franchise.

How Can a Chicago Pizza Franchise Be Started?

You must fill out the Google form below before we can assign you a franchise specialist that will provide the finest guidance if you want to launch a Chicago Pizza business.



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