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How to Get Chai Point Franchise


There are no franchise opportunities at Chai Point. Chai Point itself owns each and every outlet. Chai Point’s website offers products for sale.

You can use Chai Point products if you’re opening your own tea shop. you can fill out the Google Form or WhatsApp us if you’re still interested in the Tea franchise.

Using our service, Franchise Search, you can look for more tea franchises.

Cost of a Chai Point Franchise

Given that Chai Point does not offer its franchise, this is only a supposition. However, the cost of a Chai Point franchise is anticipated to be between 12 and 15 lakh rupees. There will be a 5 lakh rupee franchise fee. Also possible is a 2% royalty fee.

Materials will cost 50% more. an approximation If you are opening your own outlet, the net profit after deducting all fixed costs will be 10%.

How to get a Tea Franchise?

You must fill out the Google form below before we can assign you a franchise specialist that will provide the finest guidance in order to obtain the tea franchise.

What Are The Requirements Of Chai Point Franchise?

Before making use of for the Franchise, you ought to be organized with the necessities that you’ll be wanting to at the start start. Knowing the fundamental franchise important points would assist you to easy the approval process.

We’ll be touching on the matters of necessities like Skills, Area, Regions Of Operations, Training, Staff Requirement, and Investment.

Before turning into the proprietor of the Chai Point Franchise you must comprehend the necessities wanted to begin India’s biggest prepared Chai retailer, and they are cited in element simply below.

Skills & Experience Required, Area

What is the place requirement of the Chai Point Franchise? Well, Chai Point requires a house of 600-800 sq. ft.

Regions Of Operations

As of now, Chai Point shops are located in workplace areas, retail locations, commercial enterprise parks, malls, excessive streets, and greater locations from all sectors.

Training Required

Training is vital to run the commercial enterprise in accordance with the franchisor so that the effect product nice comes out to be special which denotes the style of the company ‘Chai Point’.

In the education sessions, you are nicely skilled on the matters of tea and the varied class of chai flavors offered. Not solely chai they additionally provide coffee, tea, snacks, and greater merchandise which I’ve noted in the product vary section.

Minimum Staff Requirement For Chai Point Franchise

3-5 personnel are required to run a Chai Point Franchise outlet.

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