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How to Get Chai Kings Franchise

Franchisee Chai Kings: Chai Kings is a rising star in the tea franchise industry. In the Indian food and beverage industry, tea is the one constant. The majority of Indians begin their day with a cup of tea. A chain called Chai King offers 15 different kinds of tea. This essay will teach us about the Chai Kings business concept and the individuals responsible for this tea franchise.


Chai (Tea) Market in India

In India, most people’s everyday routines include tea in a significant way. Today, Indian culture includes tea. Each year, India consumes more than 830,000 tonnes of tea. Tea shops are visible in every busy area in the nation. It is clear that India’s tea industry is very profitable and successful.


What Is Chai Kings?

A restaurant and beverage franchise called Chai Kings is well-known for its tea. Two buddies, Jahabar Sadiqe and Balaji Sadagopan, started Chai Kings. The first Chai Kings location opened in Kilpauk, Tamil Nadu, India, in October 2016. They are now well known for a variety of teas, such as normal, ginger, masala, iced, etc.


What Chai Kings Offers?

Chai Kings serves a variety of teas, including ginger, masala, dum, and genger lemon, as well as milkshakes, sandwiches, poha, cookies, coffee, toasts, and buns.


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Chai Kings: Why?

The tagline of a Chai shop founded by two friends is “The finest ingredients straight from mama Nature” and refers to their goal of dominating the tea market. Investors have already contributed $1 million to Chai Kings. This also demonstrates the future Chai Kings. They are excited to open franchises in other Indian locations, and this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to start a tea business.


The presence of Chai Kings in India

Chai Kings currently operates around 50 stores across the country. They are primarily present in Chennai, where they have over 20 outlets. Chai King has now expanded into cities such as Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. According to Fonder, they plan to open 500 stores in various cities across India over the next five years.


Models of Chai Kings Franchises

This Franchise follows the same model as any other Tea Business. Basic tea-making equipment, Franchise Decor, and seating arrangements for customers and employees were all required. This model does not necessitate large investments.


Chai Kings Franchise Location

Chai Kings preferred a location near an office area, an IT park, a busy street, a tech park, and so on.


Franchise Investment by Chai Kings

Chai Kings has not officially announced the amount required to open a location. Chai Kings, on the other hand, can range in price from Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 Lakhs.


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Profit / Payback Period

Profit margins are not officially reported by the company. Frequently comparable to the cost of a Chai sutta bar franchise Profit and Return Time is determined by the number of customers served and the location of your business. Tea franchise payback time is typically 7 to 8 months.



Chai Kings’ is a promising and profitable investment opportunity. In the future, the franchise plans to open more than 500 stores throughout India. There are already many Tea Franchises available in the market, and Chai Kings’ is unquestionably one of the most successful and rapidly expanding. We hope this article has helped you learn more about the Chai King’s franchise and other related topics.



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