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How to Get Burgerama Franchise (Cost and Profit)

How to Get Burgerama Franchise (Cost and Profit)

Do you want to open a fast-food franchise? Do you want to take your love of burgers to the next level by owning a well-known fast-food restaurant? Did your research for Popular fast food restaurant lead you to this article? Then you’ve come to the right place.


In this article, we’ll go over Burgerama Franchise in detail, including its capital requirements, fees, and profit margin – and, most importantly, does it REALLY offer a Franchising programme?


There is no denying that food businesses in India have been expanding at a rapid pace, owing to an increase in disposable income, regular eating out habits, affordable pricing, and delectable taste.


  • Founded: 2018
  • Industry: Fast food chain
  • Headquarters: Gurgaon
  • No. of locations: Over 10
  • Model: Cloud Kitchen
  • Franchise: Not yet started
  • Area Served: Pan India
  • Estimated Investment: Rs. 15 lacs – 25 lacs

Burgerama Franchise Overview

Burgerama, founded in 2018 in Gurgaon by three childhood friends Kabir, Viraaj, and Vivek, is one of the renowned and steadily growing burger chains, offering a variety of Hamburgers(A lot & We really mean it), Fries, Rings, Loaded fries, Popcorn chicken, Hot wings, Desserts, Sauces, Beverages, and much more.

Its audacious mission to serve a best-in-class selection of tasty burgers made with fresh ingredients aided the unit’s success and was well received by its loyal customers. It has undoubtedly allowed the Burgerama chain to quickly expand to more than 15 cloud kitchens across India.

Burgerama currently has over 15 delivery kitchens in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, and Chandigarh, with more outlets planned for future releases, allowing entrepreneurs like you to join this ever-growing industry.

We guarantee that after reading this entire article, you will be able to choose the BEST AVAILABLE FOOD FRANCHISE and make an informed decision on the Burgerama franchise.


Burgerama’s Journey

Their humble beginnings with a single outlet in Gurgaon after more than 6 months of accumulating knowledge through cookbooks, tutorials, and Youtube videos to serve a delectable burger to become one of the renowned burger chains with more than 15 plus outlets across India is undeniably inspiring.


Key facts about Burgerama

Sr No.




Trade Name




Fast-food , Cloud Kitchen





Founders Or Parent Company

Kabir, Viraaj & Vivek


Corporate Headquarters



Number of locations

Over 15


Area served

PAN India



Cloud Kitchen(Franchising Yet to Start)


Service offering

Burgers, Fries, Chicken Nugget,

Shakes, Rings, & Beverages



Rs 1,948 crore 




Why Should You Buy A Burgerama Franchise?

There could be several reasons for establishing a Burgerama location in your city. Before beginning any franchise, you must first understand its business model and revenue source, which will allow you to assess its growth prospects and potential.

In addition, we have listed a few key points to own it;

  1. Menu Varieties: The franchise provides a variety of delicious menu options that can assist the new outlet holder in catering to a large audience while earning a good profit margin.
  2. Focus on Innovation: The Burgerama chain has a clear vision for its expansion, which it has flawlessly carried out through robust innovation.
  3. Food at a reasonable price: Burgerama offers a diverse range of affordable and delicious food options to its customers, allowing them to attract customers from all demographics.
  4. Use your massive customer base to your advantage: Burgerama has earned the trust of its customers by providing an authentic, delicious, and affordable food selection. Burgerama currently has over a million loyal customers all over India.
  5. Online and offline marketing assistance: Burgerama offers its franchisees extensive support in the form of industry-standard online and offline marketing assistance.

F&B franchise in India

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What is Burgerama’s unique selling point?

Every company strives for a unique selling point (USP). Burgerama’s USPs, on the other hand, are listed below;

  • Burgers with a variety of flavours
  • The best ingredients are used.
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Excellent ambiance


Is Burgerama a franchise opportunity?

Unfortunately, Burgerama does not currently offer franchising programmes. Burgerama, on the other hand, has recently raised Rs. 5 crore in funding rounds led by Anicut Angel Fund and others. This new investment will be used to increase the brand’s geographical presence in North India.

It will undoubtedly assist the chain in strengthening the supply chain, product standardisation, developing a franchise-ready operation model, acquiring talent, and developing backend operations in order to sustain and support the next phase of growth.


What is the cost of a Burgerama franchise?

Because the company does not provide franchising opportunities. So all we can do is speculate. With rising demand and a desire to own a well-known Burger joint, there will be a plethora of opportunities for qualified applicants.

To start a Burgerama franchise, an initial investment of Rs. 15 lacs to 23 lacs is required, as well as a dedicated floor area of more than 200-1000 square feet to set up a brick-and-mortar retail space. Burgerama’s initial investment covers the franchise fee, marketing fee, and other necessary expenses.


Burgerama comes at an additional cost.

To run and maintain a Burgerama location, one must adhere to their standards and pay a few additional costs such as a royalty fee, advertisement fee, maintenance fee, and a few other investments.

The ongoing royalty fee for the Burgerama franchise could be around 5%, which would be paid to the Company by the Franchisee based on total turnover.


Is a Burgerama franchise a good investment?

As it is still in its early stages, commenting on its profitability may be difficult. And there are several factors that could play a role in making a Burgerama business a success.

However, given the growing food industries, Burgerama’s affordable menus, better customer experiences, tech-led innovation, low startup cost & high profit margin, and comparatively better ROI can play an important role in the chain’s growth in India.


What kind of assistance will Burgerama provide?

  • Analysis of the site and its potential for future growth
  • Training for pre-opening and franchisee associates
  • Periodic Customer Experience (CX) audits, Vendor Development, Supply Chain Management
  • Support for raw materials and packaging materials
  • New menu creation, design, and procurement


How to Get Burgerama Franchise?

Becoming an approved Burgerama restaurant owner necessitates a modest investment with a high gross profit margin. Nonetheless, the Burgerama chain may offer several advantages, and interested candidates can open franchise locations in their city thanks to their expertise and unending support systems.

Burgerama Franchise


Is Burgerama a chain?

Ans: No, they do not currently have any franchising programmes. However, following their most recent funding, the company stated that the funds would also be used to set up and expand their franchise systems.

Is the Burgerama Franchise a Good Investment?

Ans: Commenting on its profitability would be difficult. Nonetheless, considering their expertise, premium menu selection, affordable pricing, low investment, and high ROI, new franchisee owners can earn a handsome profit with the Burgerama chain.



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