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How to Get Biryani By Kilo franchise

There are no franchising opportunities available at Biryani By Kilo. There is no Biryani By Kilo franchise; all of the locations are owned by Biryani By Kilo. Zomato, Swiggy, or their website,, are places where you may purchase Biryani By Kilo

If you place your first buy straight through their website, you will also receive a flat 40% discount. The name that is etched on their Biryani Handi is the nicest feature of their biryani. You should try their amazing Biryani, which is a bit pricey but well worth the cost. This is just a simple expression of affection for the franchise; it is not a paid post.

Cost of the Biryani By Kilo franchise 

Since Biryani By Kilo does not provide its franchise, this is only a supposition. However, according to company standards, the anticipated cost of the Biryani By Kilo Franchise. There will be a 6 lakh rupee franchise fee. Also possible is a 4% royalty fee. 

Materials will cost 35% more. The expected profit margin is 65%. If you are opening your own outlet, the net profit after deducting all fixed costs will be 30%.

How can I get a franchise for Biryani? 

You must complete the form below in order to apply for the Biryani franchise. Once you do, a franchise specialist will be assigned to you to provide the best advice.


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