You are currently viewing E Shram NIPUN Scheme: Benefits & Application Process benefit of 2 lakh

E Shram NIPUN Scheme: Benefits & Application Process benefit of 2 lakh

E Shram NIPUN Scheme: Benefits & Application Process benefit of 2 lakh

E Shram ( NIPUN Yojna ) shram card holder, or a laborer or want to make a career in the construction sector / plumbing. So a very good news has come out for you from the government side. Just recently, the government has launched a scheme for E Shram card holders, the name of this scheme is NIPUN Yojna .

This message being sent to

E Shram card holders – Government has issued a new scheme for E Shram card holders. And its information is being given to the e-shram card holders through a message on their mobile. So if you have also made an e-shram card, then you must have also received some such message in which it will “Take advantage of NIPUN scheme of Government of India” be writtenSo in today’s post we will tell you what is NIPUN Yojna, what are its benefits and how can you apply for this scheme.

What is NIPUN Scheme –

The full form of NIPUN is National Initiative for Promotion of Skilled Construction Workers and this scheme is being run by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA). The objective of this scheme is to provide training and certification to Madjuro working outside India as per their qualification.

For this reason, this scheme has been started – the

construction sector is poised to become the largest employer by 2022. And more than 7.5 crore people are working in it right now. But there is a shortage of skilled manpower in this sector. And that is why the real estate and construction sector alone will require about 45 crore skilled workers in the next 10 years. And that is why this sector needs to develop formal education and skilling skills. So in view of this, NIPUN scheme has been started, so that good skilled laborers can become laborers and help in taking the construction sector forward.

These people can take the benefit of NIPUN scheme –

For this scheme any person who wants to make a career in the construction sector / plumbing, or wants to learn the skills of construction / plumbing sector. All those candidates can take advantage of this scheme. But the person who is fresher, his age should be between 15 to 45 years, and who is already working in construction sector / plumbing. His age should be between 18 to 45 years.

Apart from this, the Aadhar card of the candidates should be linked with their bank account. And the candidate should fulfill the criteria of working in the construction sector. So all such people can take advantage of NIPUN scheme.

What will be the benefits of NIPUN scheme –

  • Experienced construction / plumbing laborers and such fresher candidates who want to make a career in the construction sector / plumbing, such people will be given training and they will also be given a co-branded Skill India certificate by MoHUA, so that It should be easy for them to get employment in the country and abroad.
  • On-site skill training will be given.
  • The certified workers will be given skill insurance (accident insurance for 3 years with coverage of Rs 2 lakh).
  • Emphasis will be placed on increasing the salary.
  • There will be reduction in accidents on site.
  • And information about the construction industry will be given.

More information and application process related to NIPUN scheme –

So if you are working in the construction sector, or want to make a career in this sector. So in such a situation, you can visit the official website of NIPUN Yojna. You can visitAnd after visiting the official website, you can get more information related to the scheme.

And if you want to register for this scheme, then after saving this 9516069079 in your mobile, you can message by writing NIPUN Registration on WhatsApp. As soon as you message on Whatsapp. You will be given a link to register in the scheme. And you will be able to apply for the scheme by clicking on the link.


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