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Do Business with Swiggy Earn Rs 50000/- per month

Swiggy (Swiggy Business in Hindi) (Business App, Investment, Profit, License, Download, Register, Marketing, Commission, Restaurant, Delivery Boy)

If you want to grow your business or you are unemployed, looking for a job, then Swiggy is very good for you. Can be a good option. Since by joining Swiggy you can go into business. We have explained in detail in this article about how you will start your business with Swiggy, after reading that you will not have any problem connecting with Swiggy. That’s why read this article completely and know in which ways you can work with Swiggy.

Business with Swiggy Start (Swiggy Business Idea)

If you are thinking of doing business with swiggy, then you can start this business with the information given below. Here you can know everything about how much it will cost you and how much profit will be made here.

Swiggy was started

in the year 2014 by this online food ordering service provider named Swiggy. After completing his studies from Kharagpur IIT, Rahul Jaimini started Swiggy along with some of his friends. Initially, Rahul started Swiggy with only 6 delivery boys and only 25 restaurants. But as time passed by, By the way, people started liking their work very much and on seeing Swiggy became a very big company. At present, Swiggy has become such a big company that now this company is giving employment opportunities to lakhs of people. Not only this, due to Swiggy, many restaurants about which people did not even know before, people have started coming there. Swiggy has become such a company that along with growing itself, it has also carried a lot of people along with it. Swiggy has so far extended its service to 175 cities, and has partnered with more than one lakh restaurants.

Scope of Business with (Swiggy Business Scope)

Swiggy has given great service to its customers since inception. They have delivered food to the customers at the earliest! Because of which this food company has grown very fast! Currently, Swiggy has included 1.4 lakh restaurants in 175 cities. Not only this, Swiggy has given delivery boy jobs to more than 2 lakh people. In the coming time people will connect more with swiggy. If you are also thinking of joining swiggy, then now you should know this.

Swiggy Business Types

You can do business in two ways with Swiggy –

1. Swiggy Partnership Business

2. Becoming Swiggy's Delivery Boy

Eligibility to become a Swiggy Partner Swiggy Partner

Eligibility The things that are required to

  • become a partner of Swiggy are mentioned below – To become a partner of Swiggy, you must have your own food business, restaurant, cafe. If you do not have a restaurant of your own, then you can tie up with any restaurant in your area.
  • To become a partner of Swiggy, it is necessary that your business is registered under the Government of India.
  • To become a Swiggy partner, it is also necessary that you have a bank account of your own.
  • To become a partner of Swiggy, it is very important for you to have a food license. If you have not yet made your food license, then get it done as soon as possible. 
  • Apart from this, to become a partner by joining Swiggy, it is also necessary for you to have a cancel check.

How to become a Swiggy partner (How to be a Swiggy Partner)

For your information, let us tell you that it is very easy to become a partner of Swiggy! You can easily become a partner of Swiggy by following the steps mentioned below –

1. To become a partner of Swiggy, you first have official link to go to the partner with us section of SWIGGY by clicking on

2. As soon as you go to this section, you will see a form there, in this form you have to choose your city. After selecting the city, you will have to give information like the name of your restaurant, restaurant address and your contact number in the form.

3. If you are having trouble filling the form, you can also apply by mailing “I want to partner my restaurant with Swiggy” to

4. After you have filled all your required information, you will get a confirmation call from Swiggy.

5. After applying to register your restaurant in Swiggy, you have to wait for two weeks.

6. After this you have to sign the contract with the sales executive team of Swiggy! Please read it before signing the contract.

In this way you can easily register your restaurant with Swiggy.

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Commission and cost on becoming a Swiggy Partner (Swiggy Partner Commission and Investment)

After partnering with Swiggy, you have to pay commission according to the food and popularity of your restaurant. By becoming a partner of Swiggy, you pay commission from 15% to 25% to swiggy, but when you start getting 50 orders of the day, then you do not need to pay any commission to swiggy.

Benefits of Swiggy Partner Business (Swiggy Partner Business Profit)

If you become a partner of Swiggy, then the food of your food outlet will reach people’s door to door, due to which your business will grow, not only this, when your business grows then your income will also be more than before. . All you have to do is pay 15 to 20% commission on your orders to Swiggy, and you can keep the rest of the profit yourself. In this way, you can take your business very far without putting much effort and earn a lot of money.

Business as Swiggy Delivery Boy (Swiggy Delivery Boy Business)

If you are unemployed or you are looking for work but you are not getting any work. So in such times you can earn a lot of money by becoming a Swiggy delivery boy. You can complete your delivery boy job in 2 ways, if you are a student then you can also do this work part time and if you want, you can make it your full time job. Swiggy gives you the opportunity to work in three shifts – morning, evening, night. In order to become a Swiggy delivery boy, we have explained in detail below what things have to be kept in mind!

Eligibility to become a Swiggy Delivery Boy (Swiggy Delivery Boy Eligibility)

To become a Swiggy delivery boy, you must have these qualifications –

1. Only those people can do the work of delivery boy who have passed the tenth examination.

2. To get the job of a delivery boy, you must have a motorcycle or a bicycle.

3. Not only this, if you want to become a delivery boy, then you must have a driving license, all the documents related to your vehicle.

4. To proof your identity, you should also have your Aadhar card or Voter ID card.

5. Also you must have a bank account of your own.

6. To be the most important delivery boy, you must have a smartphone.

So if you have all these things and you fit in the qualification issued by Swiggy then you can work as a delivery boy.

Join Swiggy as Delivery Boy (How to Apply for Swiggy Delivery Boy)

If you want to work as Delivery Boy of Swiggy, then you have to follow the below mentioned method –

1. First of all you go to its official website .

2. After going to the website, you have to click on the option of ride with us.

3. Now a new page will open in front of you, in this page you will have to enter information like your name, mobile number, type of your vehicle, city, area name. 

4. As soon as you proceed further after filling the correct information, you will get a confirmation call from Swiggy company in no time.

5. After which you will have to verify your document by going to the nearest Swiggy center of your city.

6. After the document is verified, you will be given Swiggy’s T-shirt and bag. After that you can start your work.

Cost to become a Swiggy Delivery Boy (Swiggy Delivery Boy Investment)

For your information, let us tell you that to become a Swiggy Delivery Boy, you have to deposit Rs 1200 to 1500 as joining fees.

Swiggy Delivery Boy/Men Salary

If you are thinking of working as a Swiggy delivery boy, then we would like to tell you that if you want to do this work part time, then you can easily earn 10 to 12 thousand, But if you work as a full time delivery boy, then you will earn ₹ 25,000 a month comfortably.

Swiggy Delivery Boy Commission

On becoming a delivery boy, if you do a good job and the customer is happy with your behavior and service, then he gives you points and because of that points, the company gives you commission. The rate of this commission is not fixed, it depends on different factors.

Swiggy official website (Official Website)

If you want to go to the official website of Swiggy, then you have to search on Google by typing swiggy! After this, you will see the official website of Swiggy at the top of the result.this link also go to the official website of Swiggy by clicking on

Swiggy Mobile App

If you do not want to use the website, then you can go to the Play Store and download the Swiggy download the Swiggy application link , so you can download this app from there as well.

Earning in Business 

with Swiggy When you register your restaurant with Swiggy, your restaurant is associated with Swiggy. And your restaurant show starts in the swiggy app or website. Then when people order something from your restaurant through swiggy, then you earn from this. Swiggy is the most popular food delivery app in today’s time. The more people ordering food from your restaurant, the more you will benefit. And at the same time, where customers did not have access to your restaurant, through this, customers from far and wide will also join you. Not only does this benefit you, but the swiggy company also benefits. And if the swiggy company also offers to its customers, then the customers also benefit from it.

Business License with Swiggy 

If you want to register your restaurant inside Swiggy, then before registering your restaurant you have to prepare all your FSSAI, GST and KYC documents. Without this you cannot register your restaurant.

Business Marketing with Swiggy 

You will not need to do marketing for this because people will automatically order food after seeing the reviews of your restaurant in the swiggy app or website. But you have to take care after this that you put the best photo of your food in that app so that people can be attracted to it and order food from your restaurant. 

Business Risk with

Swiggy While there are many advantages of joining Swiggy, there are also some disadvantages of joining Swiggy. If you connect your business with Swiggy, but people do not order food from your restaurants, you still have to pay commission to Swiggy. Swiggy’s business comes to a standstill due to the problem of coronavirus, due to which not only the restaurant but the delivery boy also suffered a lot. But in today’s time it is going on a lot because people now prefer to invite food at home. So now the risk in this is greatly reduced.


Q: How many shifts can you work in Swiggy?
Ans: In Swiggy you can work in three shifts.

Q: How can you earn money in Swiggy?
Ans: In Swiggy, you can earn money by becoming a partner and delivery boy.

Q: What is the full time salary of delivery boy in Swiggy?
Ans: Around ₹25,000!

Q: How much does it cost to register yourself in Swiggy?
Ans: 1200 to 1500 rupees!
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