Bank Of India Aadhaar UPI – Aadhaar UPI service started in this bank too! Customers will be able to make UPI payment through Aadhaar!

Bank Of India Aadhaar UPI – If your account is in Bank of India, then a big update has come for you. The update is, that now you can do UPI registration without ATM card, and send / receive money online from anywhere, so let’s know, how you can do UPI registration from Aadhaar.

Earlier this was the facility of Aadhaar UPI in the bank itself –

You would know that a few days ago, in the 2.9.6 version of BHIM App, the feature of generating UPI PIN from Aadhaar was launched, but this feature was available only in some banks (Central Bank of India, Cosmos). Bank, Canara Bank) itself. But now this feature of making UPI PIN from Aadhaar has also been launched for the customers of Bank of India.

Aadhar UPI service started in

Bank of India too – With the introduction of Aadhaar UPI PIN generation service in Bank of India, now customers can create UPI PIN with the help of Aadhaar without debit card (ATM card). And you can do UPI related work like checking bank balance, transferring money or receiving money etc.

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Only these customers will be able to take advantage of this service – Only those customers will be able to take advantage

of this feature whose mobile number will be linked in the Aadhar card. And with this, the mobile number which will be linked in Aadhaar, the same mobile number should remain linked in the bank account. And if different mobile number is linked in your Aadhar card and in bank, then in such condition Aadhar Authentication will not be able and you will not be able to generate UPI PIN from Aadhar. So first you should check whether your Aadhaar and bank have the same mobile number link or not, after that you can take advantage of this service.

How to do Bank Of India Customer Aadhaar UPI Registration –

If you have an account with Bank Of India, and your ATM card has not been created, or you have not yet done UPI registration with ATM card. And now you want to create UPI PIN with the help of Aadhaar, then you can go to Google Pay Store and download BHIM UPI app. And after downloading the app, you can generate UPI PIN through mobile number linked with Aadhaar and bank. And you can take advantage of UPI related services.

Note – This is the feature to generate UPI PIN from Aadhaar, it is available only in 2.9.6 version of BHIM App. Apart from this, this feature is not available in any other version as of now. So to take advantage of these features, use only 2.9.6 version of BHIM App.

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