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75 Days Hard Challenge – Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve recently checked your phone, chances are you’ve stumbled upon acquaintances or influencers embarking on the 75 Days Hard Challenge. On TikTok alone, the hashtags “75 Days Hard Challenge” and “75Hard” have collectively amassed over a billion views. It’s evident that 75 Hard has created a significant buzz on social media, but what exactly does this challenge entail, and is it worth considering?

75 Days Hard Challenge

The 75 Hard Quick Start Guide: Navigating the Challenge

While the 75 Days Hard Challenge may seem straightforward, it adheres to five fundamental rules:

1. Choose and Stick to a Diet

2. Engage in Two 45-Minute Workouts Daily

3. Consume a Gallon of Water Daily

4. Read 10 Pages of Nonfiction Daily

5. Capture Daily Progress Through Photos

Seems manageable, right? However, 75 Hard isn’t recognized as one of the more demanding fitness challenges without reason. Let’s delve deeper into this two-and-a-half-month journey of physical and mental transformation.

A Comprehensive Examination of the 75 Days Hard Challenge

75 Hard has garnered its fair share of criticism from experts, deeming it “problematic” at best. Nonetheless, despite the cautionary voices, a multitude of individuals continue to embrace this challenge, sharing their before-and-after transformations and offering tips for conquering it. Some have even coined terms like “75 Medium” and “75 Soft” as alternative approaches to cultivating healthy habits.

As we approach 2023 with health and fitness resolutions in mind, 75 Hard might present itself as the ideal catalyst for a fresh start. However, for some, this challenge may appear overwhelming. So, is the 75 Days Hard Challenge the right fit for you? The answer largely depends on your unique circumstances and goals. Let’s address some of the pressing questions surrounding this challenge to help you make an informed decision.

Unveiling the Essence of the 75 Days Hard Challenge

The brainchild of entrepreneur and influencer Andy Frisella, the 75 Days Hard Challenge is designed to foster mental fortitude and adheres to the following rules throughout a rigorous 75-day period:

1. Embrace a Diet – Any Diet Will Do

Frisella emphasizes that while he is not a personal trainer, dietitian, or clinical nutritionist, it’s essential to consult a professional when selecting a nutritional program. The challenge mandates strict adherence to your chosen diet, forbidding any cheat meals or alcohol consumption.

2. Two Daily 45-Minute Workouts – One Must Be Outdoors

3. Consume a Gallon of Water Daily

4. Read 10 Pages of Nonfiction Daily – Audiobooks Are Excluded

5. Document Daily Progress Through Photos

Failing to meet any of these rules necessitates starting over from day one. While some individuals already align with these principles, 75 Hard may not suit everyone’s preferences or needs, particularly if you are new to fitness or attempting a lifestyle overhaul.

Dissecting the 75 Days Hard Challenge Rules

Let’s dissect the 75 Days Hard Challenge rules in greater detail:

1. Follow a Diet: Interpretation is Key

While the challenge encourages consulting a physician, structuring the diet component is left to the individual’s discretion. Opting for intuitive eating strategies, which involve listening to your body and consuming what you crave in appropriate quantities, is a sensible approach. It’s crucial to obtain nutrition advice from reliable sources, especially considering the rigorous exercise regimen.

2. Work Out Twice a Day: Striking a Balance

Engaging in two 45-minute workouts daily can be a daunting task, even for those with active lifestyles. Incorporating forms of active rest, such as yoga, stretching, walking, or steady-state jump rope, can make this challenge more attainable and less strenuous. Overexertion can lead to injuries, and rest days are essential for recovery and optimal performance.

3. Drink a Gallon of Water: Customizing Hydration

While staying hydrated is vital, the challenge’s requirement of a full gallon of water may not suit everyone. Instead, consider drinking half your body weight in ounces, which is a more personalized approach. Adjust your water intake based on your level of physical activity and perspiration.

4. Read 10 Pages of Nonfiction: A Beneficial Habit

Reading 10 pages of nonfiction daily is an excellent habit-forming rule, and it’s noteworthy that audiobooks and podcasts are acceptable means of achieving this goal.

5. Take Progress Photos: A Motivational Tool

Progress photos can serve as powerful motivators for some but may be triggering for others. Exercise discretion when deciding whether to incorporate this aspect into your 75 Days Hard Challenge.

Addressing Common 75 Days Hard Questions

Is the 75 Days Hard Challenge Safe?

75 Hard may not account for the diverse lifestyles, fitness levels, and individual needs of participants. However, it can be completed safely with careful attention to your body, proper nutrition, and adequate rest.

Is Modifying the 75 Days Hard Challenge Considered Cheating?

According to Frisella, any modification constitutes cheating. However, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being and adjust the challenge to align with your capabilities. Achieving progress in any form is a victory.

Embarking on the 75 Hard Journey

If you decide to embark on the 75 Days Hard Challenge, preparation is key. Here are some quick tips to get started:

  • Write down the five rules and keep them visible.
  • Create a visual progress chart.
  • Plan your meals and engage in meal prep.
  • Choose convenient and portable workouts.
  • Establish a routine and stick to it.
  • Have a backup plan in case of unforeseen challenges.

Crafting Your Workouts for Success

When it comes to selecting workouts for the 75 Days Hard Challenge, the choice is yours. However, for versatility and accessibility, consider exercises that can be performed anywhere. A jump rope, for instance, is an excellent companion for this challenge, offering indoor and outdoor options. The Crossrope app, with its wide range of workouts, can add variety and excitement to your fitness routine.

For those seeking additional motivation and accountability, our monthly jump rope challenge complements the daily workouts required for the 75 Days Hard Challenge.

In conclusion, the 75 Days Hard Challenge presents a unique opportunity to test your mental and physical resilience. While its intensity may not suit everyone, with careful consideration, customization, and a focus on well-being, it can be a transformative journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Remember, the ultimate goal is progress, not perfection.

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