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6 Tips For How To Make Money From Photography

In today’s time mobile which many people call smart phone. They have various features and facilities. These smartphones have started coming with very good camera quality, from which clear photos can be captured. Taking photos and taking selfies is very much liked by today’s people, and after taking a photo, people upload it immediately on social media. People take photos through mobile phones and share it with people through social media, but let us tell you that they can also earn money from this. Yes, you read right, money can be earned even by taking photos in mobile. You will get detailed information about how this happens here in this article. 

The way to earn money through clicking photos from

Mobile There are many people who like to take photos from mobile. They can also make money to click photos. Nowadays people still have smartphones anyway. Then why not people earn money by using it. In fact, if you know how to take the best photos, then this can be the best option for you to earn money. By taking photos from a mobile, you can earn money in the following way.

Selling photos to the website –

Yes, nowadays there are many such websites on the Internet in which people are given money in exchange for taking photos of them. For example, if people take photos from a mobile by themselves and sell it to these websites, then some money is given to them by the owner of the website. For this it is not necessary that you have a professional camera of the best quality, you can also take help of your smartphone with a good camera. Out of which good photos can be clicked. In this work, you have to pay special attention to some things and that is the pixel and the quality of the photo. For this you need to have patience and work hard. Then you will become an expert in doing this work.

The reason for buying photos from websites is that

you have come to know that various websites buy you the photos taken by you and give you money in return for it. But now the question must be arising in your mind that by searching on Google, those websites can automatically download any and any good photo that too for free. Then why do they buy photos by paying money? This question arising in your mind is absolutely correct, but let us tell you that there are many photos and images on Google which have copy right. For which they either have to buy photos or have to take permission for it.

There are some small companies that require some photos or images. So some people need a photo without copyright even for personal use. These people get their work done by downloading photos or images from Google. Because using images or photos by small companies does not make much difference. Many times they are not even able to know about it or even after knowing about it, no action is taken. But when it comes to big companies at this place, it makes a lot of difference to the people with the copyright. Those big companies have to bear the brunt of the photos being used without buying and without taking permission. Legal action can be taken against them. In order to stay away from the hassle of legal proceedings, these big companies buy photos and images taken by them from people. And big companies do not have any problem to buy these photos.

You can earn money by taking this kind of photo, in

This you do not need to sell your photo, but for this you can sell the following type of photo by taking it from your smartphone.

  • Photos related to nature such as trees, plants, forests, rivers, seas, mountains and fields, etc.,

  • roads, streets, houses and neighborhoods of a city,

  • vehicles like trains, buses, cars, ships and bikes, etc.,

  • work in agriculture. While doing photo of a person or farmer,

  • animal, bird, animal and animal etc.,

  • of any kind of goods like book, pen, laptop, chair table etc.,

  • some edible things like food, fruits, vegetables, milk, teaof

  • of some types of utensils like cup, jug, plate, bowl, spoon etc.,

  • a party, wedding or function,

  • or of any festival,

  • market etc.

Things to keep in mind while clicking photos

  • FirstSo the photo and the clarity and quality should be the best.

  • The object used in the photo or whatever it is, and the background behind it should both be good.

  • There should be no hassle of having copyright for anything in your photo, whatever it may be.

  • Please read all its terms and conditions before selling the photo by taking it.

  • The photo should not have been downloaded or stolen from anywhere.

  • You have to take the photo from your own mobile. The problem of copyrights can also be avoided from anyone else.

In these websites, you can sell the photos

taken by you on the following websites.

  • ShutterStock: – This website is at the top for purchased photos and using them. Something like six and a half lakh individuals from in excess of 150 countries are associated with this website. And more than 250 million photos have been buy by this website. This site gives somewhere around 5 to 10 dollars for good quality images and photos.

  • 123RF: – This is the second most famous website that buys photos by paying. You can also sell videos & stories made by you. The customers of this website are from big companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, who are ready to buy photos up to 60%.

  • Adobe Stock Images: – This is also the top image buying website. These websites buy and sell the highest quality free images. This has a probability of getting a value of at least 33%.

  • istockphoto: – From this website you can get a profit of 15 to 45% on selling your photo.

  • Smugmag: – To sell photos in this website, membership has to be taken on a monthly basis, which is bought for $ 12.50. But the special thing for this is that if you have sold photos to this website, then you can decide its value yourself, not that website. These websites are also ready to pay up to 85% for photos.

  • Phonestockphoto:- In this website the photo is uploaded on the basis of category. You can earn money in 2 ways, one is by selling your photos and you can get 5 to 10 dollars per photo and secondly, money can also be earned by taking a share on every purchase of it.

  • ShutterPoint: – This website is also a photo buying website which gives 1000 rupees per photo.

  • Animals Animals :- There are some who are fond of taking very good photos of animals. These websites buy pictures of the same from people and pay up to 50% for it.

  • Stockfood: – These websites buy images and photos of food and also give good money in return.

How to sell photos in websites

  • To sell photos to the website, it is necessary that you register yourself in that website, for this you will have to create an account in those websites.

  • After this, according to the terms and conditions of the website, you will upload the photo in it.

  • After this, those websites will review whether they like it or not, whether this photo was stolen, whether it was downloaded from somewhere, whether it is meeting the rules of the website or not etc.

  • In the event that the tests are right, you get its approval and it is set available to be purchased.

  • These websites do not buy photos from you, nor do you get money for uploading photos on this website. When a Companies or website owner buys it, then this website gives you its money. It acts as a mediator in a way.

So that was an easy way to earn money by Clicking photos from your smartphone. In this business, you will not get much profit in the beginning, but when you start getting experience in it, then you will start earning well in it. You can do this work part time or full time as you like and earn money.


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