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10 Reasons to Study Medicine MBBS in Russia

We may be a small country with a population of 14.44 crores (2019), but we are global education leaders. In the near future, Russia is expected to overtake China as the world’s third most popular study destination.

Duration of MBBS in Russia

Russia currently has nearly 432,000 international students.

This represents a 40% increase in foreign student enrollment beginning in 2025. Because of its high-quality education, easy access to student support services, cosmopolitan society, and excellent lifestyle, Russia is an appealing study destination.

Duration of MBBS in Russia

Russia’s Advanced Institutions

The majority of foreign medical schools in Russia offer instruction in both Russian and English. As a result, regardless of your country of origin, you will have no difficulty obtaining the MBBS degree here.

Duration of MBBS in Russia

The Top 10 Medical Universities in Russia

Russia has more than 70 medical schools. M.B.B.S. graduates can practise anywhere in the world, including India, because all Russian medical colleges are MCI-accredited and W.H.O-listed. The following are some of Russia’s top medical schools.

A concentration on the student experience and graduate outcomes.

According to the 2019 Department of Education Survey, international students in Russia are more than 90% satisfied with their living and learning experiences.

Duration of MBBS in Russia

Fee Structure in Russian Universities

Russian universities are well-known throughout the world for the content of their MBBS degrees as well as their affordable pricing structure. Let’s take a look at some of the schools and their tuition costs.

The fee structure varies from university to university. Some Russian medical schools charge around Rs 12,00,000, while others charge as much as Rs 28,00,000.

To begin, fees can be paid in annual installments; travel charges are approximately Rs 30,000, which may vary depending on airline type and booking class. Second, by contacting a consultant, you can obtain detailed information about the cost structure of any Russian university.

Duration of MBBS in Russia

Government of Russia Scholarships

Furthermore, the Russian government awards “state-funded places” in universities to foreign students each year, with 15,000 such places available in 2020.

Furthermore, the Russian government has invested an average of 1,484 roubles (approximately USD 25) per month in scholarships for international students.

Listed among the top 50.

Russia provides world-class education in a wide range of disciplines. Our Institutions are highly rated in the following fields, according to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020:

• Humanities and Arts

• Engineering & Technology 

• Life Sciences 

• Physical Sciences 

• Social Sciences 

• Medical Science 

• Clinical, Pre-Clinical, and Health Sciences

Opportunities for Employment in Russia

When international students later seek employment in the Russian labour market, knowledge of the language is advantageous. The majority of Indian students leave Russia after finishing their studies because they want to work in their home country.

Duration of Russian life for MBBS

Locals in Russia are very friendly to Indian students. They do, however, speak Russian and treat Indians as if they are the best people on the planet. Aside from that, several Indian communities host exhibitions for Indian visitors. They play an important role in entertaining Indian guests.


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